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July 2016



Taymouth Castle Events


After a very busy few months we are finally getting our breath back. We have hosted a range of weddings and corporate events including two large banquets of over 150 people.


Taymouth Hosts Audi Macmillan Challenge


A huge well done to Steven Roberts and the team

for completing a series of challenges  on the Golf Course to raise funds for the Macmillan Trust.


72 holes of golf played on the fairways at Taymouth Castle to drive funds to Macmillan through the Longest Day Challenge

Four friends will cover over 17 miles with golf clubs on their backs whilst they take part in the Macmillan Longest Day Challenge at Taymouth Castle Golf Course on the 19th June. This involves playing 72 holes of golf in a day!


Taymouth Castle have allowed the group of guys exclusive use of the course on the day, free of charge, so they won't divert any of the funds raised to green fees. Alex McEwen, from Taymouth Castle said “We are delighted to be able to offer support – it is for such a great cause and hopefully the redesigned course will be a fun course for them to play”. The course at Taymouth Castle has just been redesigned by Stephen Gallagher and is a toughie, the guy’s joke that there might be a book run on who loses the most balls!

The awesome foursome taking part in the challenge say “We can barely manage 9 holes between us these days so it will be a challenge, albeit I concede it will be fun!” There are 4 golfing heroes taking part, Damien Gilmore, Steven Roberts, Mark Wells and Ryan Campbell. Each of the participants have had friends or family supported by Macmillan over the years, particularly so Steven.


East Wing Suites


Phase 1 suites are now reaching completion please contact for an individual update on your suite.


Phase 1 Suites have reached 2nd Fix and are due for practical completion by October 2016.





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